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Second to None

"We love the country canner.  Visiting there is a must when we're in town. The quality is second to none and the staff is friendly and helpful! And now that I know I can have the same delicious goodies shipped right to my door... well, I'm ecstatic!"

-Brandy K. SC

Worth the Trip

"We get down there twice a year and always have to get the jams and sauces. Its a must do every time! The products and selection are so plentiful, it makes it hard not to leave without several different items."

-Charles L. PA

Just What I Need

"I just wanted to thank you for how fast you shipped the order I placed on Monday.  It arrived today.  I have to tell you the Hot Lava is the BEST.  I have been losing weight by eating dry whole wheat bread.  A little Hot Lava jam is just what I need to make my breakfast toast delicious.
Thanks again for your quality products and excellent customer service."

-Kathy G. WI

Everything is Delicious

"Everything I've tried at the Country Canner is delicious, but my personal favorite is the Chicken Corn Soup.  It is wonderful---you really ought to try it!"

-Sue B.    Weyers Cave, VA

Hot Hot Hot

"Family of mine brought back some of your Hot Lava and gave us a jar. Has to be some of the best hot pepper jelly I have ever eaten. Love it. Just placed an order for more to be shipped."

-Dave D. Petersburg, PA

Full of Delights

"On a recent visit we wandered into a market place and found The Country Canner. Loved the store and all the tastings available. We left with a box full of delights! I especially loved the jalapeno-cranberry jam and my husband loved the fig jam. I just placed an order for Christmas to share this with family!"

-MiMi B. NJ

Amazing Jams and Jellies

"We visited Country Canner on our vacation a month ago and I am so happy that I found a place that produce amazing jams and jellies! Even better, I can reorder them online whenever I run out!! I would highly recommend Country Canner to anyone! I'm totally in love with their lavender jelly!!"

-Samantha M. 

Love It

"I love the Country Canner. They've got all sorts of fillings, pickles, relishes and more. I've gotten an apple raisin pie filling that was fantastic. A few years ago I got their vegetable soup, and it was quite tasty. I haven't gotten soup for a while though, I tend to make my own. They can their products right there in the store, everything is fresh, and the place is clean as clean can be. It's a cool little place to browse around in and find different items to put in gift baskets."

-Lisa W.  InsiderPages.com

The Best Pies in Town!

"When its time for me to make pies for company, I head out to the Country Canner.   What a selection! almost hard to know what to pick, the pie fillings are great.   A wonderful tip from the Canner.  Before baking a pie, bake the shell for about 5- 8 mins first before adding the filling.   It will make for a beautiful flaky crust and the best pie in town.  :)"

-Sheila H.  Bridgewater, VA

Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

"I bought some banana butter and let me just say, it is the best thing since sliced bread. I only bought the 8oz and I am back for more. Now if I can keep my grown kids out of it. Ha Ha Today I bought not only the butter but a pie filling, I am sure we will all enjoy that. Great product!!!!"

-Charlooztte B.

Need to Order More

"Just visited the store when we were on vacation recently. I have never had seedless black raspberry jam as yummy as this in my life. Glad they have a website because I need to order more."

-Barbara C. TX

Liked it So Much

My husband and I have a timeshare near Harrisonburg, VA. I like sampling the variety of different jams, jellies, and sauces they make in the store. I tasted a new flavor which was the Lavender Jelly and bought a jar of it, because I liked it so much!

-Linda C.

So Wonderful

We bought some of your Christmas Jam while vacationing up in the area back in Sept. It was so wonderful I bought several jars to bring back home. Ordering more jam for Christmas gifts!

-Regina TX


Super fast shipping, and the products are AMAZING!!!!

-Joe S GA


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